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Commercial License

Regular price $7,500.00

Cut your product development time in half by using the Demand Peripherals FPGA code in your company's product.  Build proof of concept or a prototype in a few days. 

The high-level software API is the same for the prototype, through development, and into production.  There's no need to throw away your prototype software.

A Commercial License includes the right to use both the FPGA Verilog code and the patent in your design.

Ten hours of support or consulting are included with a Commercial License.  You can use this time to have us build the prototype for you or to have us help you with your prototype.


Note that a commercial license is for a binary image.  You must specify the product name and a list of peripherals as part of the purchase of a Commercial License, although the list of peripherals may include peripherals which you write and which remain proprietary and copyright to you.